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The Importance of Visibility

Visibility is one of the most important factors for drivers, particularly for those of large vehicles such as HGVs and vans, which have the highest rate of other road user deaths per mile travelled

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The importance of best practice when investigating lorry rollover

For any given vehicle travelling on a curve, there is a sideways acceleration threshold above which it is prone to roll over. The sideways acceleration it experiences is determined by its speed and the curvature and the camber or crossfall of the curve…

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TRL investigates fatal collision at velodrome

This case study relates to a fatal incident which took place at an indoor velodrome, where TRL’s investigation covered multiple technical areas including grip testing, environmental testing for dirt and debris, CCTV analysis and accident reconstruction.

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Vehicle Collision Fraud

Did you know that the Insurance Fraud Bureau estimates that ‘Crash for Cash’ collisions cost the UK around £340 million per year?

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TRL calls for wider implementation of eCall to improve road safety

eCall is a vehicle system which automatically alerts emergency services in the event of a serious road collision.

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Mechanical Vehicle Inspection

What do we do with vehicle inspections?

TRL’s Experts are highly trained and have many years’ experience of vehicle assessment and inspection, ranging from bicycles to tractors and large goods vehicles.

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What is ‘Pedal Error’?

Pedal error – i.e. pressing the wrong pedal – is a phenomenon that occurs more regularly than many people would expect.

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Q&A – Event Data Recorders (EDRs)

Frequently asked questions and answers on Event Data Recorders; what they are, when they record, and their uses for accident reconstruction

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Video Footage: Dos and Don’ts for Getting the Best Evidence

Take a look at our dos and don’ts for obtaining and sharing video footage

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TRL promotes fleet safety training with Global Fleet Champions

Consultants from TRL’s Expert Witness and Investigations Group have been supporting the work of Global Fleet Champions in promoting fleet safety Global Fleet Champions is a not-for-profit, global partnership campaign led by Brake, the road safety charity. Its aim is to prevent crashes and reduce pollution caused by vehicles used for work purposes, which aligns…

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Presenting the future of transport and collision investigation

  Last week TRL’s Mike Pittman and Dean Beaumont were invited to present on the future of transport at the 11th Annual CoPart Advisory Board at the Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire. Mike took to the stage first, updating the audience on TRL projects such as: MOVE_UK, focused on advancing efficient data collection for Automated…

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Crash Data Retrieval tool

TRL Calls for Critical Update to UK Automotive Legislation

UK and EU laws governing the accessibility of vehicle Event Data Recorder (EDR) evidence must be changed to improve safety, reduce costs, speed up legal proceedings and save lives.

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ITAI Crash Test and Research Day a Smashing Success

Our Expert Witness team attended the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators (ITAI) annual Crash Test and Research Day last month at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire.

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Event Data Recorders as a corporate fleet management tool

FROM THE ARCHIVES The following article appeared in a TRL Newsletter in June 1999, but remains just as topical today with more and more people using fleet vehicles.   Managing risk with “Black Box” technology TRL’s accident prevention and risk management work is not just limited to providing expert safety advice to those in the…

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Get involved with TRL’s survey and help shape motorcycle safety today

Calling on all motorcycle users and passengers to help inform this vital research and help shape the future of motorcycle safety today, please complete TRL’s 10-minute survey

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Case study – Rapid response secures important evidence

Rapid response finds evidence and gives client early direction in serious collision case

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Case study – The vital role of CCTV in the Bus Safety Standard

The Bus Safety Standard is a program of work for Transport for London (TfL) focused on vehicle safety measures.

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Analysing collisions with vulnerable road users

Our assessments can remove doubt from driver accounts of vision in road accidents

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Case study – VW Group vehicles available for EDR download

Event Data Recorder (EDR) data from VW Group European vehicles can now be accessed and analysed by our experts

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Case study – fatal accident inquiry into the Glasgow bin lorry crash

A medical episode resulted in a high profile traffic accident and our independent collision investigators were requested to consider several aspects of the case.

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TRL and Imperial College of London join forces

Exploring the future of modelling, diagnosing and predicting traumatic brain injury in road traffic collisions.

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Infotainment systems infographic

A typical vehicle has over 75 computer systems collecting and storing data vital to the investigation of criminal activity, insurance fraud and road traffic collisions.

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The evolution of vehicle safety infographic

Despite radical changes in vehicle safety over the last century, the industry will need to continue to adapt its safety standards in order to keep up with advances in technology.

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Legal update on driving offences

Protect your business and employees from driving offences

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Case study – can a medical episode be corroborated?

A medical episode resulted in a road collision of two vehicles. Our independent collision investigators demonstrate how this can be corroborated and proven in court.

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cycle lane collision

Case study – Death by careless driving

A case study of an LGV in collision with a cyclists in a cycle lane and how our Collision Investigation team provided information which aided the court hearing.

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A Comparative Analysis of LGV Visibility Mapping: Does Size Really Matter?

The number of pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured in collisions with Large Goods Vehicles is disproportionate to those involving other types of vehicles.

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collision investigation training course

Keeping your drivers safe: The importance of collision investigation training

With more than a quarter of all road traffic collisions involving people driving for work, it’s important for companies to be aware of the accident investigation process and preventions measures.

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Case study – Road accident involving a cyclist

We share a recent case study of a car in collision with a cyclist in a busy urban area and how our Expert Witness team provided useful information which aided the court hearing.

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GDPR News Story

GDPR is here

We take personal data very seriously at TRL and are proud to be amongst the companies who crossed the finish line for GDPR last Friday.

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World experience conference

Post Conference Summary of the World Congress Experience

Our very own Dr Richard Lambourn has been a long supporter of SAE for decades. Having recently attended the World Congress Experience, he shares his learnings on this insightful conference.

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GDPR update

GDPR Update

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is the first major piece of data privacy legislation in the EU for 20 years. TRL will be compliant before the deadline of 25th May 2018.

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The Potential for Motorcycle Helmet Loss Revisited

TRL conducted a series of motorcycle helmet roll-off tests several years ago to determine which factors are likely to be causative of helmet loss through roll-off in a collision. Further research is being undertaken to provide a better form of advice to prospective helmet users to reduce the potential for helmet roll-off.

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Vehicle Identification

ITAI CCTV Workshop – 8 March 2018

CCTV systems can provide invaluable evidence in relation to the speed, movement and reactions of the parties involved in a collision or incident and our experts are highly experienced in analysing footage from a variety of different sources. This Workshop was an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues in the industry and to learn about new developments in this field.

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