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Get involved with TRL’s survey and help shape motorcycle safety today

Calling on all motorcycle users and passengers to help inform this vital research and help shape the future of motorcycle safety today, please complete TRL’s 10-minute survey

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Case study – Rapid response secures important evidence

Rapid response finds evidence and gives client early direction in serious collision case

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Case study – The vital role of CCTV in the Bus Safety Standard

The Bus Safety Standard is a program of work for Transport for London (TfL) focused on vehicle safety measures.

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Analysing collisions with vulnerable road users

Our assessments can remove doubt from driver accounts of vision in road accidents

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Case study – VW Group vehicles available for EDR download

Event Data Recorder (EDR) data from VW Group European vehicles can now be accessed and analysed by our experts

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Case study – fatal accident inquiry into the Glasgow bin lorry crash

A medical episode resulted in a high profile traffic accident and our independent collision investigators were requested to consider several aspects of the case.

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TRL and Imperial College of London join forces

Exploring the future of modelling, diagnosing and predicting traumatic brain injury in road traffic collisions.

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Infotainment systems infographic

A typical vehicle has over 75 computer systems collecting and storing data vital to the investigation of criminal activity, insurance fraud and road traffic collisions.

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The evolution of vehicle safety infographic

Despite radical changes in vehicle safety over the last century, the industry will need to continue to adapt its safety standards in order to keep up with advances in technology.

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Legal update on driving offences

Protect your business and employees from driving offences

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