Collision Investigation & Reconstruction

TRL has grown its investigations discipline and offers a differentiated service for our clients. We have a large team of independent, industry leading experts with many years of experience in all areas of collision investigation who are also able to draw upon the knowledge of highly qualified experts in transportation across our organisation.

Collision Investigation and Reconstruction

Vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists make up a significant proportion of the total number of people killed or seriously injured on the UK’s roads. The collision investigation team at TRL have the knowledge and experience to be able to reconstruct collisions involving all types of vulnerable road users.

Our independent collision investigators are able to analyse the available information, including vehicle damage, scene evidence and injury patterns, to determine the likely speed and movements of the parties involved prior to the incident. Within our reports we can also analyse the visibility of the parties involved and the potential avoidability of the consequences.

TRL’s specialist team can provide:

Independent advice and support

In addition to a full road collision investigation, our independent collision investigators can also provide preliminary impartial advice on how to proceed with a case and an early indication of stance on liability. They can also review police or other expert reports, make mathematical calculations related to speed, prepare letters of advice and joint expert statements and present evidence in Court if that is how the case progresses.

Collision reconstruction

Depending on the severity of the collision, it might be necessary to reconstruct the circumstances of the incident to help identify contributory factors and determine the cause. Our team are experienced in single or multi-vehicle collisions involving motorcyclists, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

Rapid incident response

Our independent collision investigators can respond quickly to avoid evidence deteriorating as a result of weather, traffic flow or road repair work. Detailed data about the accident scene and damaged vehicles can be crucial evidence in serious injury claims as it provides impartial evidence as to the cause of the incident.

Vehicle data retrieval and analysis

A wealth of data is available from vehicles including; telematics data, tachograph downloads, infotainment system data and event data recorder information. This data can include diverse details as to whether any calls were being made or received at or near the time of the collision, the speed of the vehicle at the time of collision and if  music was being changed upon impact. This information helps our collision investigators to determine factors which may have led to the collision.

Driver and vehicle visibility assessments

Our collision investigation team use laser scanners and 3D computer modelling to determine drivers’ blind spots and their visible lines of sight. This enables a comparison to be drawn with other incident information such as CCTV footage and witness statements.

2D and 3D scene plans

A locus survey, laser scanning, CCTV and photographic analysis enables collision investigators to create a scaled plan of the incident scene, which replicates the road layout, topography, signage and vegetation at the time of the collision. This evidence helps the Court to visualise a collision and assess the validity of witness statements.

Mechanical vehicle inspection

To ascertain whether a road collision was a result of a mechanical vehicle fault or the drivers’ action, we can evaluate vehicle components such as the condition of the lights and tyres and friction marks on seat belts. Our collision investigation team is experienced in inspecting a variety of vehicle types from bicycles and cars, to motorsport and emergency vehicles.

We employ some of the industry’s most respected collision investigators, with established reputations in the legal, police and insurance world. We can also draw upon knowledge and expertise from across the whole of TRL on a range of specialities in new technologies, vehicle design, regulations, human factors, biomechanics and highway engineering.

Find out more about our collision investigation team, including their expertise and published reports

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    Collision Investigation and Reconstruction
    Collision Investigation and Reconstruction
    Collision Investigation and Reconstruction

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