3D Simulation

Using 3D modelling and simulation software a scaled 3D plan of a collision location can be created, including complex multi-vehicle scenes. A series of representative views from, or to, each vehicle and subject in the collision can be modelled, as well as animations of the sequence of events.

3D Simulation

A visualisation or simulation of the collision can be crucial in showing the pre and post collision movement of vehicles or individuals, especially in complex scenarios, or where witness evidence may differ. It enables the Court to visualise a collision and assess the validity of witness evidence.

Advanced features of the software include the ability to replicate the post collision movement of vehicles using the equations of motion and simulations based on the laws of physics. These can be presented in video reconstruction format or included as calculations in the associated report.

“A scale 3D representation of any collision scene can be created, including complex multi-vehicle scenes.”

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    3D Simulation

    3D scene creation

    3D Simulation

    Scene from animation showing on-coming motorcycle with subject vehicle turning right across its path

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