The Experts

Our Skills and Expertise

All aspects of accident investigation including:

  • Collision reconstruction of single or multi-vehicle incidents involving all vehicle types
  • Interpretation of physical evidence, including road markings, vehicle damage, vehicle position, vehicle motion and impact dynamics
  • Surveying, laser scanning and scene plans
  • Mechanical vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Highway engineering, maintenance and infrastructure design
  • Performance of safety barriers
  • Vehicle safety systems and crashworthiness
  • Workplace incidents, risk assessments and best practice
  • Analogue and digital tachograph analysis
  • Seat belts, helmets and injury causation
  • Child restraint systems
  • Injury mechanisms and mitigation
  • Vehicle data retrieval and analysis, including telematics, infotainment systems and Event Data Recorders
  • Pedestrian impacts, specifically with respect to pedestrian movement and vehicle impact speeds
  • Human factors, looking at attitudes and behaviour
  • Motorsport incidents, including reviews of track safety and design
  • Driver and vehicle visibility assessments
  • Computer simulation to provide a 3D visual presentation of results and findings
  • Video and photographic analysis
  • Physical testing and forensic component analysis
  • All types of reporting including letters of advice, Court compliant reports and Joint Expert Statements
  • Presenting evidence at all levels of the judiciary system