Rapid Response Scene & Vehicle Inspections

TRL offer a one working day response to new enquiries. We offer independent and impartial advice which enables us to provide an initial indication of liability.

Rapid Response Scene and Vehicle Inspections

Perishable evidence, such as tyre marks, scuff marks and road paint, deteriorates rapidly at incident scenes due to the weather, traffic flow or essential repair work. The environment in which vehicles are kept after an incident can also affect continuity and quality of evidence.

This scene and vehicle data can be crucial in the resolution of serious injury claims as it provides independent factual evidence as to the circumstances of the incident.


On receipt of a new instruction, we aim to collect all available incident evidence within days or in line with your requirements. We can:

  • Record perishable evidence at the scene, potentially including rest positions of the vehicles and those involved based on scene damage and / or police road markings
  • Carry out video drive throughs which capture details such as the vegetation at the scene at the time of the collision
  • Capture short-lived marks on vehicles, such as contact marks from pedestrians
  • Have a greater likelihood of capturing details such as mirror positions on HGVs, which assists greatly with visibility assessments for those cases involving pedestrians and cyclists, before vehicles are restored to service.
  • Carry out seat belt inspections to ascertain whether the belt was being work at the time of the collision.
  • Examine vehicle bulbs to ascertain whether they were illuminated at the time of the collision
  • Where a collision has occurred during the hours of darkness, our forensic collision investigators often conduct scene visits at night in order to better analyse the visibility at that time of day.

Often, our experts are requested to carry out anniversary visits to replicate conditions at the time of the collision as far as is possible.


As part of the rapid incident investigation our forensic collision investigation team can, at short notice, respond to specific requirements such as tachograph analysis or restraint system inspections and report back within a short period of time.

“Following an instruction in relation to a recent incident, we aim to collect all available incident evidence within days, in line with our rapid response service.”

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    Rapid Response Scene and Vehicle Inspections
    Rapid Response Scene and Vehicle Inspections

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