Why Expert Witness & Investigations

Where investigation is needed in order to understand how incidents have occurred, our independent expert witness team has the reputation, experience and credibility to provide impartial and reliable evidence-based reporting.

Proven, Trusted, Effective

We offer a wide range of services within incident investigation, ranging from an initial desktop review on liability to a full in-depth collision reconstruction of single or multi-vehicle incidents, as well as numerous specialist services, including CCTV analysis, laser scanning, vehicle telematics and diagnostics and seat belt and helmet analysis.

With comprehensive coverage of the UK, the TRL Expert Witness team delivers unrivalled experience in all areas of incident investigation, for public and private sector clients including solicitors, police and government bodies in both Criminal and Civil proceedings.

Our specialist team have a track record in providing a rapid response service, mobilising expert resources quickly and efficiently to gather evidence and provide impartial and clear advice on liability. Our accident investigation reports are known to provide clear, independent and reasoned opinion, resulting in many long standing repeat clients in the UK and abroad.

Our expert witness team can call on experienced specialists from across our own organisation to contribute niche technical and scientific knowledge on topics such as vehicle design, regulations, biomechanics, highways engineering, risk assessment and human factors.

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All aspects of accident investigation including:

  • Collision reconstruction of single or multi-vehicle incidents involving all vehicle types
  • Interpretation of physical evidence, including road markings, vehicle damage, vehicle position, vehicle motion and impact dynamics
  • Surveying, laser scanning and scene plans
  • Mechanical vehicle inspections
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Highway engineering, maintenance and infrastructure design
  • Performance of safety barriers
  • Vehicle safety systems and crashworthiness
  • Workplace incidents, risk assessments and best practice
  • Analogue and digital tachograph analysis
  • Seat belts, helmets and injury causation
  • Child restraint systems
  • Injury mechanisms and mitigation
  • Vehicle data retrieval and analysis, including telematics, infotainment systems and Event Data Recorders
  • Pedestrian impacts, specifically with respect to pedestrian movement and vehicle impact speeds
  • Human factors, looking at attitudes and behaviour
  • Motorsport incidents, including reviews of track safety and design
  • Driver and vehicle visibility assessments
  • Computer simulation to provide a 3D visual presentation of results and findings
  • Video and photographic analysis
  • Physical testing and forensic component analysis
  • All types of reporting including letters of advice, Court compliant reports and Joint Expert Statements
  • Presenting evidence at all levels of the judiciary system