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    Craig Arnold is TRL’s Technical Lead for our investigations conducted on behalf of the United Nations. Craig holds a Master’s degree and has researched the use of big-data and machine learning to reduce road collisions whilst studying for a PhD in Criminology.

    Craig is Chartered Forensic Practitioner in Collision Investigation and is an experienced investigator with over a decade specialising in road collisions and has international casework experience involving collisions in South America, Africa, and Europe. He holds a Certificate of Higher Education with Distinction in Forensic Road Collision Investigation and has reconstructed a wide range of incidents. Craig specialises in road collision reconstruction and forensic video analysis (CCTV), particularly in relation to vehicle speed and line-of-sight analysis. He is a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician (CFTV) qualified to level four. Craig is a digital data specialist and has experience with tachographs, event data recorders, and accelerometers (telematics), and has investigated collisions involving connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV).

    Craig holds driving licence categories for motorcycles, large goods, and passenger-carrying vehicles. Craig is also a contributor to ‘Roadcraft – The Police Driver’s Handbook. Before joining TRL, he was a class one advanced police pursuit driver, and police motorcyclist. He has specialist experience with commercial vehicles and has led investigations involving load security, dangerous goods (ADR), and abnormal loads. He is a Fellow of the IMI, Advanced Automotive Engineer and is qualified to inspect hybrid and electric vehicles. Craig is also the Honorary Secretary – and a Chartered member – of the Chartered Society of Forensic Science, and sits on the editorial board for Elsevier’s Science & Justice Journal. As a Certified Automotive Trainer (CAT) and holding training and assessing qualifications, Craig leads the delivery of TRL’s Collision Investigation training and has lectured at various Universities and industry events. He is also a competency assessor for Forensic Collision Investigators in the UK and a peer reviewer for the WCX SAE World Congress and Science & Justice journal.

    Craig is an experienced expert witness and has prepared written expert reconstruction reports for the Court. compiled Joint Expert Statements, and acted as a single joint expert (SJE). In addition, Craig has given evidence across the judiciary including Criminal, Civil, Coroner’s courts, and Public Inquiries.

    Research and publications:

    Arnold, C., Fuller-Dapaah, A., Zaid, M. & Ekambaram, K. (2024) CPR4180 Using Collision Investigations to drive safety solutions. Crowthorne, Berkshire: TRL.

    Arnold, C. (2023) Audio analysis in collision investigation: the often-overlooked aspect of video footage. Impact 31(2).

    Arnold, C., Fuller-Dapaah, A., Ekambaram, K., & Edwards, A. (2023) RPN6142 Annual Collision Analysis Report (2022 cases). Crowthorne, Berkshire: TRL.

    The Police Foundation (2021) Roadcraft: The Police Driver’s Handbook. London: TSO (Contributor)

    Stuttard, N., Mutzenich, C., Knightley, A., Deans, A., Martin, P. & Arnold, C. (2023)  CPR4048 Connected Vehicle data management, user engagement & experience, and OEM/Insurer integration. Crowthorne, Berkshire: TRL.

    Arnold, C. and Perrin, W. (2022) Automated Vehicle Safety Assurance – In-use safety and security monitoring: Post-event investigation process. Crowthorne, Berkshire: TRL.

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