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    Craig Arnold is a Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL, specialising in road accident reconstruction and providing consultancy advice. Craig holds a Master’s degree and is currently working on his PhD in the field of Criminology, researching the use of big-data and machine learning to reduce road collisions.

    Craig is an experienced investigator with over 15-years of law enforcement experience and over a decade specialising in road collisions. He has completed the University Certificate in Forensic Road Collision Investigation and has undertaken further training to achieve a Certificate of Higher Education with Distinction.
    This included dedicated study of driver and environmental factors, accelerometers, crush damage, and CCTV analysis – in which Craig now specialises. Craig has also completed training in forensic vehicle examination, tachographs, incident-data recorders, and motorcycle dynamics. He is also trained in Total Station Theodolite surveying equipment, laser scanners, and CAD plan production.

    Craig has investigated and reconstructed road collisions involving vehicle fires, motorcycles, large goods vehicles, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as pedestrian fatalities. Craig holds driving licence categories which include motorcycles, large goods and passenger-carrying vehicles. Before joining TRL, Craig was a class one advanced police driver trained to engage in tactical pursuit and containment, as well as a response and off-road motorcyclist. He has specialist experience in dealing with commercial vehicles and has conducted investigations involving load security, carriage of dangerous goods (ADR), and abnormal loads. His work on abnormal loads was congratulated in the House of Lords as part of a debate on the Policing and Crime Bill in 2016 regarding transport policy changes Craig implemented.

    An experienced trainer, Craig has lectured at Edge Hill, Staffordshire, and Liverpool Hope Universities. Craig is also involved in the competency assessment of Forensic Collision Investigators through his role as an assessor for the Chartered Society of Forensic Science where he is a full Member (Professional). He also teaches new collision investigators on their entry-level qualifications.

    Craig is an experienced expert witness and has prepared written expert reconstruction reports for the Court and compiled Joint Expert Statements. In addition, Craig has given evidence across the judiciary including Criminal, Civil and Coroner’s courts as well as Public Inquiries on matters relating to commercial vehicles, road collisions, and transport policy.

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