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    Victoria Eyers is a Principal Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL, specialising in road accident reconstruction and providing consultancy advice. Her role at TRL involves the investigation and reconstruction of accidents, including the inspection of vehicles, attending incident sites, analysis of video footage and providing expert advice for police forces, insurance companies and solicitors. She served as a Metropolitan Police Staff Forensic Collision Investigator for eight years prior to joining TRL in 2015.

    Victoria specialises in forensic collision investigation and vehicle examination and has reconstructed collisions involving passenger carrying vehicles, large goods vehicles, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as adult and child pedestrian fatalities. She has provided expert evidence in serious crime cases such as assaults, murders and high-profile terrorist incidents as well as a wide range of collision types. She has completed and published research on visibility from LGVs as well as the performance and handling characteristics of e-scooters.

    Victoria is highly experienced in CCTV and video analysis, using a range of techniques including reconstruction, photogrammetry, line of sight analysis with 2D and 3D scene surveys, and camera matching. Victoria has extensive experience in 3D laser mapping, CAD drawing and 3D simulation and visualisation, particularly with reference to mapping of drivers’ lines of sight. She is experienced in using diagnostic equipment and in collecting and interpreting data from GPS and telematics devices, and Event Data Recorders.

    Victoria holds an MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science and a BSc in Forensic Science, is a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry and the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, and a Certificated Automotive Engineer. She has undertaken specialist training in accident investigation, vehicle handling and dynamics, mechanical examination of vehicles, tachograph and drivers’ hours legislation, photography, 3D modelling and reconstruction software, 2D and 3D collision scene surveying, human factors and CCTV analysis. She holds a forensic vehicle examiners’ award from the Institute of the Motor Industry. She has driving licence categories including motorcycles, rigid and articulated large goods vehicles and holds a police advanced driving certificate for cars. She is a Certificated Automotive Engineer and a Chartered Forensic Practitioner.

    Victoria is a highly experienced expert witness; she has prepared written expert reconstruction reports which she has presented at all levels of the judiciary system including the High Court and the Central Criminal Court.

    Notable recent publications:

    2023      In-Depth Investigation of E-Scooter Performance TRL ACA104.  A research project investigating the real-world capabilities of electric scooters, providing a reference dataset for use in investigations

    2017      A Comparative Analysis of LGV Visibility Mapping Proceedings of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators Annual Conference

    2016      Definition of Direct Vision Standards for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) TRL CPR3680.  Victoria was involved in this project for Transport for London and co-authored a paper on the subject, assessing the effectiveness of a system for rating the visibility available from HGVs

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