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MSc CEng MIMechE

Alex is a Chartered Engineer with a Masters degree in Automotive Product Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering. He is a Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL, specialising in road accident reconstruction and providing consultancy advice. His role at TRL involves the investigation and reconstruction of incidents, including the inspection of vehicles, attending incident sites and providing expert advice for police forces, insurance companies and solicitors.

He has worked in the fields of mainstream automotive design and development, and in motor racing at the highest levels. He has extensive experience of vehicle and engine testing including the planning and management of test programmes in the UK and overseas, analysis of results, and the re-design of systems and components. Alex has carried out failure analyses on prototype vehicles, engines and components through physical, analytical, microscopic and metallurgical examination. He has been a key member of a number of professional racing teams, requiring extensive overseas travel.

Following his career in the automotive sector, Alex served as a Police officer for ten years, including as a Detective Sergeant. As a Detective Sergeant, Alex supervised detectives investigating serious and complex criminal cases. He has attended and supervised numerous crime scenes and secured forensic and other evidence as well as interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects of criminal offences. He has given evidence in and prepared files for Magistrates, Crown and Coroners Courts.

Alex has conducted police investigations into road traffic collisions, including those where a fatality or serious injury has occurred. He also has experience of investigating vehicle collisions to provide expert opinion for insurance companies and others, assessing incidents which required in-depth technical investigation. He has carried out both desktop analyses of documentation and physical examinations of collision involved vehicles. He has also carried out examinations of plant and machinery which were subject to insurance claims due to damage or mechanical failure. Alex has experience in producing Court-compliant reports containing his findings and professional assessment of the evidence.

Notable recent research:

2017 Direct Vision Standard for HGVs
Alex has been involved in this ongoing project for Transport for London, assessing the effectiveness of a system for rating how much an HGV driver can see directly from their cab in relation to other road users

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