Pavement Engineering Practice Lead

Michael McHale



Michael is TRL’s Practice Lead in Pavement Engineering; he became a Chartered Engineer in 1993 and is a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers and a member of the Institute of Asphalt technology. He is a recognised UK road pavement specialist with an excellent understanding of the UK design manual for roads and much of the research that underpins current guidance and standards.

After gaining 8 years’ experience in the design, supervision and construction of roads with a regional council, Michael joined TRL in 1992 as a Pavement Engineer. He later became a Principal Engineer, during which he was the lead author responsible for the production of a best practice guide for the use of natural stone surfacing materials. His clients include the Welsh Assembly, Dublin City Council and the Scottish Road Research Board and his research work has contributed to the development of national standards and new guidance aimed at improving the sustainability and durability of road pavements. He is the Technical Secretariat to the Transport Scotland Pavement Forum, a member of the Scottish Inspection Panel and has contributed to several UK design guides and British standards.

Michael specialises in asphalt road pavements relating to the performance and behaviour of materials, including visual/condition assessment and material deterioration mechanisms, as well as the design and construction of stone and block paving subject to heavy vehicular traffic.

Michael has acted as an Expert Witness since 2003 and has been appointed to work on several high-profile road pavement failures; he has also presented papers on his work both in the UK and at international conferences.

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