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Mark Pitcher is a Child Safety Technical Specialist in the Engineering and Technology Division at TRL, specialising in the field of child safety in vehicles. Holding a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mark is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is a Committee member of the BSI AUE/07 Restraint Systems group and the ISO/TC22/SC12/ WG 1 Child Restraint Systems in road vehicles group.

Mark is Technical Referee for all child seat testing undertaken at TRL, including TRL’s Regulation 44 child seat approvals. He has led several research projects across child and vehicle safety, including European collaborative research, and has authored and co-authored over 20 publications as well as presenting child safety work at international conferences. The projects include ‘Evaluation of shield and harness systems for the Britax Group’ which involved investigating the performance of two types of child restraint systems in front impacts. Mark has also carried out work for the European Commission to assess the proposals for the new child restraint Regulation (R129) made by the GRSP Informal Working Group and to make recommendations for the way forward. He also helped to develop TRL’s Child Seat Rating Programme and provides training on testing equipment and procedures.

Previously Mark worked for 3 years as an analysis engineer for the Britax Research Institute, part of Britax Childcare, working within a team to develop innovations to improve the safety performance, ease of use and comfort of Britax child seats.

Notable recent research and publications:

2015 Evaluating the effects of damage on performance of child restraint systems TRL PPR754
2014 New UN regulation on child restraint systems – assessment of amendments to the new regulation, front and side impact procedures and Q-Series dummy family injury criteria TRL CPR1801
Mark co-authored this report for the European Commission having evaluated proposals for developing the new UN regulation on Enhanced Child Restraint Systems, thus providing an evidence-base from which to make recommendations
2012 Research for optimised evolution of the new regulation on enhanced child restraint systems Proceedings of the 10th Protection of Children in Cars International Conference, Munich

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