Vehicle Identification

CCTV cameras and other imaging systems are increasingly capturing criminal offences and road traffic collisions.

In circumstances where the identity of a vehicle involved in an offence or RTA cannot easily be established, this imagery is valuable evidence which can enable identification of parties involved and reconstruction of movement and speeds.

Vehicle Identification

Identification from video footage demands a comprehensive understanding of imaging systems and sources of degradation and distortion, to ensure the best evidence is obtained, as well as extensive knowledge of vehicle features and how they vary across makes and models.

A range of forensic video analysis software is used to process, examine and comment upon recorded digital evidence, working frame-by-frame with all forms of raw format including still images, CCTV footage, compact discs or digital files from mobile phones and cameras.

Using various software we can provide:

  • Vehicle identification, including the make, model, class of subject vehicles
  • Vehicle comparison of known and unknown vehicles
  • Analysis of unique and class characteristics on vehicles of interest, including damage, marks and vehicle registration number
  • Frame by frame analysis
  • Enhancement/clarification of the video recordings for analysis and/or presentation in Court
  • Establish time line of events
  • Indication of potential entry and exit routes by a vehicle

TRL works independently with strict procedures in place to mitigate the risk of confirmation bias. Our forensic video analysts are trained to Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) standard and routinely provide expert witness testimony at all levels of UK Courts.

“Specialist expertise in imaging methods and sources of image degradation and distortion is required, to ensure the best evidence is obtained.”

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    Vehicle Identification
    Vehicle Identification

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