Simon Hall

Senior Consultant




Simon Hall is a Senior Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL, specialising in road accident reconstruction and providing consultancy advice. He is a member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and a member of the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers.

Simon specialises in forensic collision investigation and vehicle examination and has reconstructed collisions involving passenger carrying vehicles, large goods vehicles, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as adult and child pedestrian fatalities, including the investigation of a multiple fatality collision that occurred in Germany, for which his report was commended by HM Coroner. He has extensive experience in the investigation and reconstruction of single and multiple road deaths, workplace and industrial accidents and he has investigated collisions at various levels of motorsport, including Formula 1.

Simon is experienced in Total Station Theodolite and GPS surveying and has trained in 3D Laser Mapping and CAD drawing.  He is trained in CCTV analysis and has carried this out using both reconstruction and photogrammetry techniques; he is also experienced in vehicle identification. He is able to advise on the use of seat belts in collisions and the potential injuries sustained as a result.

Simon achieved a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and a Diploma in Mathematics and for 16 years ran a successful fleet driver training business, delivering training across the UK and in the USA. He is a DSA approved driving instructor and his driving licence categories include motorcycles and large goods vehicles. He holds police class one driving certificates for cars and motorcycles and was an advanced police driving instructor. He wrote force policies on Vehicle Pursuits and Drivers of Police Vehicles and was lead trainer in pursuit tactics.

Having served as a police officer for 30 years, he gained 26 years’ experience in dealing with road traffic collisions; he has undertaken specialist training in accident investigation, vehicle handling and dynamics, vehicle examination, tachograph and drivers’ hours legislation and CCTV analysis. He holds a forensic vehicle examiners’ award from the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Simon is an experienced expert witness whose work has been commended by the Judiciary and by HM Coroners. He has prepared written expert reconstruction reports and Joint Expert reports and has presented oral evidence in HM Coroners’, Magistrates’, Crown and County Courts in both Civil and Criminal cases.

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