Richard Auty MBE

Senior Consultant

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    Richard Auty is a Principal Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL specialising in road collision reconstruction and providing consultancy. Richard holds a Licentiate in Accident Investigation and a BSc (Hons.) in Forensic Road Collision Reconstruction.

    Richard has extensive experience investigating road collisions over a 27-year period within the Metropolitan Police’s Collision Investigation Unit, concluding his service as Head of Profession. Richard has attended and investigated several high profile and complex road collisions, including conducting investigations alongside the Independent Office of Police Conduct.

    He has comprehensive experience across many types of collisions, and specialises in the interpretation of digital data, including Incident Data Recorders, tachograph, and vehicle telematic data. Richard is also highly experienced in scene surveying, having pioneered the routine use of laser scanning at collision scenes and the use of scans to produce 3D visualisations of mirror sightlines, simulations, and 3D collision modelling.

    He holds driving licence categories for motorcycles, heavy goods vehicles, buses, and coaches, including vehicles with trailers. Prior to joining TRL, Richard was an advanced police driver, motorcyclist, and was trained in Tactical Pursuit and Containment.

    Richard also has experience and specialist qualifications to inspect large goods vehicles with an Advanced Certificate in Motor Vehicle Inspection. He is also qualified to inspect electric and hybrid vehicle systems whilst carrying out diagnostic, testing and repair activities.

    Richard is a highly practiced expert witness and has extensive Court experience as a Forensic Collision Investigator, giving evidence at Crown, Magistrates, Court of Appeal, and Coroners Courts. Richard was awarded a MBE in the Kings Birthday Honours in 2023 for Services to Forensic Collision Investigation.

    Notable projects:

    Auty, R. (2021) MFDD: The more accurate value for deceleration testing. De Montfort University.

    Auty, R. (2012) Using Laser Scanning to Improve Collision Investigation. Collision: The International Compendium for Crash Research, (7)2.

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