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Dr Paul Jackson is a chartered psychologist in the Transport Safety and Behaviour Group at TRL, specialising in driver impairment, with a particular focus on fatigue. He is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society, a Member of the Academy of Experts, the Association of Project Managers and British Sleep Society.

Paul has been involved in investigations of collisions where drivers have been suspected of falling asleep at the wheel, both as part of criminal investigations as well as in-house investigations for companies. As a result of this work he has developed guidance for police collision investigators on how to identify and investigate fatigue-related crashes. He has provided expert witness services for Norfolk, Hampshire and Wiltshire constabularies, as well as delivering training on fatigue-related collision investigation for the Metropolitan Police and for TRL’s On-the-Spot Collision Investigation team.

Paul also has expertise on the effects of drugs on performance. In 2010, as part of Sir Peter North’s review of the UK laws on drink and drugs driving Paul was commissioned by the North Review team to prepare a report reviewing the evidence related to drug driving in the UK. In 2012 he was commissioned to act as Technical Support to the Department for Transport’s Drug Driving Expert Panel, providing the Panel with analyses of the scientific evidence relating to the effects of drugs and medicines on driving.

Previously, Paul was Research Manager for Impairment Research at the Department for Transport Road Safety Division. During this time he managed a number of key projects on the effects of drugs and fatigue on driver performance, as well as sitting on the following groups; EU Expert Group for Alcohol, Drugs and Driving and Secretary of State for Transport’s Honorary Medical Advisory Panel on Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse and Driving.


Notable publications:

2015 Managing Fatigue using a Fatigue Risk Management Plan Energy Institute, London

2012 A Review of Evidence Related to Drug Driving in the UK 2012 Department for Transport, London

2010 Fatigue risk management systems: a review. Research Report No. 110 Department for Transport, London

2010 Interviews with operators, regulators and researchers with experience of implementing fatigue risk management systems; Research Report No. 120. Department for Transport, London

2004 Fatigue, sleepiness, and reduced alertness as risk factors in driving; TOI Report 739/2004 Report produced for the EU Project IMMORTAL ISBN 82-480-0450-3

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