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    BSc (Hons) MIMA MITAI

    Dean Beaumont is a Consultant in the Investigations Group at TRL, specialising in road accident reconstruction and providing consultancy advice. His role at TRL involves the investigation and reconstruction of incidents, including the inspection of vehicles, attending incident sites and providing expert advice for police forces, insurance companies and solicitors.

    Dean specialises in forensic collision investigation and vehicle examination and has reconstructed collisions involving cars, motorcycles, large goods vehicles and agricultural vehicles as well as adult and child pedestrians. He holds a Bachelor of Science (1st class honours) in Mathematics with Business Management from Birmingham University and is a Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.

    He has undertaken specialist training in accident investigation and CCTV analysis, and holds an Award in Vehicle Examination from the Institute of the Motor Industry. Dean is also certified to collect and interpret data from Event Data Recorders.

    Dean is experienced in Total Station Theodolite and GPS surveying as well as 3D simulation and visualisation. He has extensive experience in analysing CCTV and dashboard camera footage, using both reconstruction and photogrammetry techniques, and is experienced in vehicle identification from events captured on CCTV. He has also examined digital tachograph data (both 1Hz and 4Hz) to determine speeds, distances and deceleration rates as well as route tracing.

    For over 5 years Dean prepared and delivered collision investigation training in the UK and overseas to both civilians and police officers. This involved teaching the fundamental mathematics, physics and reconstruction techniques as well as the practical understanding required to formally practice as a collision investigator. He is currently part of a research project at TRL analysing real world perception-response times in collisions and near-misses, and how these differ from those measured in simulated driving environments. He is also an organiser for the Accident Reconstruction sessions for SAE International, guiding and reviewing scientific papers for presentation at the World Congress event in Detroit, USA.

    Dean is experienced in providing advice and expert opinion to the police, insurers and legal representatives. He has prepared written expert reconstruction reports as well as Joint Expert Statements, and has presented oral evidence in Magistrates’, Coroners’, Crown and High Courts, in both Civil and Criminal cases.

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