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    Ceki Erginbas is a Principal Consultant at TRL. He obtained his BSc degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Bogazici University of Istanbul in 2008. He continued his studies with an MSc in Transportation Engineering at the same University in 2011.

    During his MSc studies, Ceki worked as a research and teaching assistant in the Transportation Group of Bogazici University Civil Engineering Department, teaching a highway geometric design module to over 250 students in a three year period. Simultaneously he worked on traffic impact assessment projects undertaken by the department. For his MSc Thesis, “Evaluation of Roadside Barrier Performance: A Case Study in Istanbul (2011)”, he carried out a comprehensive research study on roadside barrier accidents in Istanbul Turkey; analysing data from sources such as Police reports, accident scene photographs, scene sketches, satellite images and site visits.

    Ceki joined TRL in 2012 as a Researcher and a Test Engineer. During his time at TRL he has undertaken and successfully delivered several long term roadside safety research & consultancy projects for clients such as The Highways Agency (now Highways England), Transport Scotland, CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads) and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport. Simultaneously he has worked as a test engineer for over 100 full-scale impact tests of Vehicle Restraint Systems (EN1317, NCHRP350), Passively Safe Roadside Furniture (EN12767) and Security Systems (PAS68, IWA4-1).  Ceki is a Member of the European Standards Committees for Vehicle Restraint Systems, Truck Mounted Attenuators and Road Restraint Systems.

    Ceki has carried out investigative work for Government and legal clients, providing rigorous independent expert opinion on the design, performance and suitability of roadside furniture and crash barriers following involvement in collisions. Recently Ceki has also been developing a Virtual Reality direct vision and blind spot simulator, which can accurately recreate the direct vision available from a given HGV, for any participant in any seating position; the uses for which are wide-ranging once fully tested.

    Notable recent research and publications:

    2016 Abu Dhabi Roadside Design Guide

    Ceki was the lead Technical Consultant for this work, producing a 500 page comprehensive design guide detailing international best practice and tailored advice for the Abu Dhabi Department for Transport

    2016 Selection of the most appropriate roadside vehicle restraint system – the SAVeRS project Transport Research Arena Conference, Warsaw

    2014 Motorcyclists and Barriers on the Highways Agency Road Network

    In-depth research and analysis of motorcycle-to-barrier incidents from 2010-2012, resulting in recommendations for a Highways Agency (now Highways England) Motorcyclist Protection System installation policy

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