Head of Automated Transport

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    BSc (Hons) Risk Management


    Camilla is Head of Automated Transport at TRL, with over 20 years’ of experience in risk assessment, risk management and the development and implementation of control strategies and cost effective solutions. Her role is focused on developing regulations for the safe deployment of automated vehicles as well as ensuring safety during trials and testing. Camilla is technically leading the remote operation and safety assurance work packages for project Endeavour, a mobility project designed to accelerate and scale the adoption of autonomous vehicle services across the UK, as well as providing safety assurance for a number of automated vehicle trials in the UK, including the UK’s first real-world HGV platooning trial.

    Camilla has led the development of in use safety monitoring plans for automated vehicle trials to proactively monitor safety events that could lead to incidents to ensure these are prevented and the validate risk decisions in the safety case. The safety cases developed for these trials has set the benchmark for CAV trial safety and has led to Camilla being contracted as the technical author for the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS1881: Safety requirement for automated vehicle trials and testing (2020). This document specifies the safety case requirements for CAV trials and testing and is respected as reflecting good practice nationally and internationally.

    With a first-class honours degree in Risk Management, Camilla has a full understanding of safety management systems and the statutory provisions that govern workplace transport. She has extensive experience in the application of a number of quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques including hazard identification, error modelling and risk evaluation, with a full practical knowledge of tolerable risk and risk decision criteria and experience in applying these criteria to workplace transport, worker safety and rail safety.

    Camilla has undertaken numerous reviews of safety management systems both proactively and reactively after a workplace transport incident and has worked with organisations and end-users to develop safety systems to ensure worker safety and continuous improvement. She has conducted research on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive regarding the effectiveness of workplace transport control measures, which involved inspection and audit of numerous workplaces to determine best practice, based on cost effective solutions within the legislative requirements.

    Camilla has a full knowledge of principal statutory provisions governing workplace transport and safety and has written expert witness reports within this field.

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