Principal Risk Management Consultant

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    BSc (Hons) Grad IOSH


    Camilla is a Principal Risk Management Consultant in the Transportation Division at TRL, and holds a First Class Honours Degree in Risk Management. Most recently she has been involved with the GATEway automated vehicle trials in Greenwich, London, developing the necessary safety management system and standards for the testing of autonomous vehicles in public spaces.

    Camilla is experienced in risk assessment, risk management and the development and implementation of control strategies and cost effective solutions. Camilla is very experienced in the application of a number of quantitative and qualitative risk assessment techniques including hazard identification, error modelling and risk evaluation, with a full practical knowledge of tolerable risk and risk decision criteria and experience in applying these criteria to workplace transport, worker safety and rail safety.

    Camilla recently developed a mathematically modelled risk quantification tool on behalf of the Highways Agency to calculate the risk of road workers whilst installing temporary traffic management.  The unique tool allows probability of occurrence, exposure duration and consequence severity to be combined to calculate relative risk indices for work tasks, subtasks and individual workers.  This allowed baseline risk figures to be calculated and the benefit of safety initiatives to be clearly demonstrated.

    Camilla has undertaken numerous reviews of safety management systems both proactively and reactively after a workplace transport incident and has worked with organisations and end users to develop safety systems to ensure worker safety and continuous improvement. Camilla was involved in an extensive review of the risk management arrangements for the Traffic Officer Service including the review of the safety documentation, dynamic risk assessment process and the implemented mitigation measures.  Following the review a preferred future state for safety was developed in consultation with Traffic Officers and Highways Agency business stakeholders.

    Camilla has conducted research on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive regarding the effectiveness of workplace transport control measures.  This involved inspection and audit of numerous workplaces to determine best practice for workplace transport control measures, based on cost effective solutions within the legislative requirements.

    Camilla has a full knowledge of principal statutory provisions governing workplace transport and safety and has written expert witness reports within this field.

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