Using video enhancement to reveal critical clues in ‘fail to stop’ collisions

The unexpected can always happen; imagine driving along a road when a vehicle ahead brakes sharply without reason. Hopefully you are able to brake in time to prevent a collision from occurring. For a driver in a recent case dealt with by TRL, this was the exact scenario they faced. Unfortunately, the driver was driving…

Motorsports and leisure sports incidents

Beyond the glitz of Formula One, many thousands of motorsports enthusiasts participate in events around the country every year in a wide variety of disciplines; be it on two, three or four wheels. Sadly the well-known phrase “Motor Racing can be Dangerous” becomes a reality for some participants, officials, and spectators. It is important that…

close up of horses hooves running on asphalt

Equine collision investigation

Victoria Eyers describes an investigation into a road traffic collision involving horses. In 2015, on the A3 in Surrey, a multi-stage, multi-vehicle collision occurred involving two escaped horses and resulting in fatal injuries to both animals. The passenger of a minicab involved in the collision also received catastrophic injuries. TRL’s expert Victoria Eyers was instructed…

E-Scooter collisions: understanding performance factors

Recent years have seen an enormous proliferation in the use of electric scooters (e-scooters) on UK roads. Whilst in some geographic areas these have been monitored and controlled as part of designated trials, there has also been widespread unregulated use. With this increase, both as part of public hire schemes and of privately owned devices,…

Different approaches to supporting victims: how collision investigators work across industries to provide answers

An unexpected knock on the door by an unfamiliar face wearing a police uniform is the unfortunate reality many people face when someone they know has been the victim of a road crash. Having been through the initial shock, many people are often thrust into a process that involves the police, the courts, and the…

who is on the wrong side of the road

Who was on the wrong side of the road?

Imagine you are driving on a quiet single carriageway road. You are in a relaxed frame of mind; your speed is moderate. You then see a car coming towards you on your side of the road: it does not seem to be overtaking any other traffic, it is simply driving, apparently quite steadily, on the wrong side. What do you do?

audio files in collision investigation

Audio analysis in collision investigation: the often-overlooked aspect of video footage

Craig Arnold discusses the potential for audio analysis in collision investigation. Video footage is becoming increasingly prevalent in investigations and often video analysis is carried out to determine a whole range of matters, including speed. Audio recordings can also help draw important conclusions when investigating a collision, which would otherwise be lost, however the importance of the audio stream can often be overlooked.

Reflecting on the historic pioneering approaches of TRL

As the 25th anniversary approaches of the fatal collision involving Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed, our expert Iwan Parry reflects on TRL’s role in the investigation and the pioneering approach which not only provided much needed answers but also advanced collision investigation methodologies as a whole.