TRL Technical Series: Load Security

Most drivers are aware of the need to keep their vehicle in a roadworthy condition, renew insurance, keep up with vehicle maintenance and so on, but many overlook the importance of securing a load attached to the vehicle. In England each year, there are over 22,000 road related incidents involving load security on our motorways alone, with many more going unreported. Read our article on the common misconceptions around this topic here.

A history of impact biomechanics, Part 1 – from the Ancient Greeks to the 1970s

Read Part 1 of our History of Biomechanics series by Dr Ana Barbir, outlining the developments in this science all the way back from the Ancient Greeks through to the first computer simulations in the 1960s & 70s. Part 2 will follow in the new year to bring us up to the present day and will include more details of TRL’s input to this discipline over the years.